Interview with Andrés Hoyos


“Definition of Color” by mixed media artist, Andrés Hoyos, on display at the Residence of the Ambassador of Colombia in Washington, DC from July 12th to August 28th, 2015. The exhibit features 20 pieces of both flying chairs and recycled stamps on canvas.

andresHoyos creates nearly all of his works from abandoned materials seemingly without value. It is through repurposing discarded materials that Hoyos engages his audience in a conversation about needless waste. All that is thrown away may not truly be garbage and can often be repurposed for the benefit of society in a multitude of ways.

“My hope in making art out of recycled materials is to put people into
a bigger conversation about how important it is to preserve the
planet. I want to make people take that little extra step to look at
things differently. I hope when someone sees one of my pieces and is
looking at the colors, the texture, the form, the space, that the
piece makes them more conscious about the planet and how important it
is to conserve our natural resources.” -Andrés Hoyos

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