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On a cold January day, while Washingtonians scurried home amidst the below freezing temperatures, the Free Canvas team visited the Foundry Gallery in southeast Dupont Circle to speak with digital artist Allen Hirsh. Hirish, the District’s “Abstract Gardener,” is Foundry’s only artist using a digital medium; a unique feature among the Washington art scene. Watch as Hirsh […]


Jane Haslem Gallery specializes in highlighting print artists who migrated to the United States during the World War II era. In addition to a varied assortment of paintings and drawings, the gallery has featured original works from popular cartoonists such as Gary Trudeau and Charles Schultz. Jane Haslem Gallery participates in First Friday Dupont Jane Haslem Gallery 2025 […]

When founder Maurine Littleton visited DC in 1984, she was struck by the absence of an established gallery dedicated to glass and ceramics. More than 30 years later, the Maurine Littleton Gallery has become one of the city’s top destinations for glass, ceramic, and metal exhibits from leading contemporary artists. Maurine Littleton Gallery 1667 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington DC Tel: 202.333.9307 Hours: Wed-Sat […]


Specializing in Contemporary Art, Toolbox Gallery opened its doors to the DuPont Circle neighborhood in September 2013. In addition to a striking array of drawings, sculpture, and prints, the complex also houses the Toolbox Pilates studio on the second floor. Toolbox Gallery Rear alley of 1627 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC Tel: 202.664.3808 Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-8pm, Sat-Sun 8am-2pm


Located in George Washington University’s Media and Public Affairs Building, the Luther W. Brady Art Gallery seeks to enrich local culture with a diverse mix of historical and contemporary art. The gallery features an array of mediums ranging from paint and photography to ceramics and textiles.   Luther W. Brady Art Gallery 805 21st Street NW Washington DC 2nd Floor Tel: 202.994.7157 […]


The Aaron Gallery has offered the community a vibrant array of contemporary paintings and sculpture for over 40 years. Founded by Consuelo Aaron in 1974, the gallery places an emphasis on Abstract Expressionism, with a particular focus on strong and enticing colors.   Aaron Gallery 2101 L Street NW Washington DC Suites 440, 800 & 1000 Tel: 202.234.3311 Hours: By […]


Established as a picturing framing service over 30 years ago, Watergate Gallery & Frame Design  has since flourished into an intimate platform for locally, nationally, and internationally recognized artists. In addition to its acclaimed custom framing services, the gallery offers art in a variety of mediums including paintings, photography, ceramics, and jewelry.   Watergate Gallery & Frame Design 2552 Virginia […]

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Touchstone Gallery has been a fixture in the 7th Street NW Penn Quarter neighborhood since 2010. Featuring a diverse mix of contemporary art from its 45 members artists, Touchstone Gallery aims to improve the community through visual art while bolstering the artistic and professional growth of its member artists. 901 New York Ave NW Washington, DC 20001 Tel: 202.347.2787 Hours: Weds-Fri 11-6, Sat-Sun 12-5

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Gallery director Barbara Bennett took inspiration from her 30 years of travel as an international banker to create Q Street Fine Art. Housed in a historic town house built in 1886,  Q Street Fine Art features paintings, bronzes, and sculptures from American and Latin American artists. Q Street Fine Art participates in First Friday Dupont   Q Street Fine […]

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A spectacular home art gallery in DuPont circle dedicated to exhibiting the works of Robert E. Kuhn. Curated by Marcy Logan, a spectacular host whose hospitality, like Kuhn’s abstract art, knows no bounds.   The Swann St. Gallery 1767 Swann st NW Washington DC Tel: 202.316.5329 Hours: “Available by appointment or chance”

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Cross Mackenzie came to renown within the DC art scene for its emphasis on clay works and has since grown to heavily feature both photography and paintings in its collection. Cross Mackenzie offers monthly shows that focus on art grounded in multiple mediums. Cross Mackenzie offers works of art for sale year round. 1675 Wisconsin Ave […]

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A cooperative printmaking gallery that has been a staple in the DC arts community for the past 30 years, all prints exhibited by the WPG are original works of art. WPG showcases contemporary hand-pulled fine art prints and archival inkjet prints. WPG regularly hosts members of both local and national print making renown amidst their […]

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Dedicated towards open access of the arts for all, the Fridge DC is an art gallery, performance space, music venue and classroom that can be found along Barracks Row in the historic Eastern Market. The Fridge 516 8th Street SE, Rear alley, Washington, DC Tel: 202.664.4151 Thursday – Friday: 1pm–7pm Saturday: 12pm-7pm Sunday: 12pm–5pm

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The DCAC, located just above the hookah shop on 2438 18th St, is the hidden gem of Adams Morgan. The DCAC has housed wild works of art from webbed contraptions that visitors could skateboard beneath to a gala that transformed the entire edifice into a pseudo-functioning spaceship. Galas change monthly with the express intent of showcasing the typically […]

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Established in 1971 by students of DC painter Gene davis, Foundry exists as one of DC’s oldest non-profit, artist-owned cooperative galleries. Exhibiting a rich and versatile  ensemble of original works of art at prices more affordable than most commercial galleries. The Foundry focus is on exposing new and emerging artists not typically showcased. The overall […]

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Gallery A can be located at the same address as the Alex Gallery, merely one staircase below at the entrance. Gallery A exhibits rising professional, mature artists on their way to achieving international renown at the caliber of many Alex Gallery artists. Gallery A 2106 R St NW Washington DC Tel: 202.667.2599 Tues-Sat 11-5 […]

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Founded in 1985 by Victor Gaetan, Alex Gallery is a leading commercial art gallery in Washington, D.C., featuring contemporary American and European painting, sculpture, and work on paper. The gallery represents incredibly well-established  American and European artists who have exhibited abroad and sold at international auctions. When visiting be sure to engage with the charismatic […]

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Founded in 1983 by art historian, Marsha Mateyka, the gallery focuses on contemporary art; exhibiting painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper. The gallery itself spans several rooms on one floor with staff available for questioning.  The gallery represents approximately 20 artists, including: Jae Ko, Jim Sanborn, Athena Tacha, William T. Wiley and the Estates […]