Blind Whino


blindBlind Whino

700 Delaware Ave SW Washington DC

Tel: 301.567.8210

Hours: By Event/Call

Blind Whino is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Arts Club and Event Space located in the Southwest Corridor of Washington DC and birthed from creators Shane Pomajambo of Art Whino and Ian Callender of Suite Nation. The organization was founded on the principal that art is a catalyst for change in a community, providing inspiration and motivation for those that encounter its power.

[Their] Mission is to provide a functional, organic art space for all to enjoy at no cost and learn more about the arts culture through various exhibits, events, live performances and artist workshops. The building embraces all things creative with all of its being. As an art object itself, with the exterior fully painted, it serves as a pillar for creativity in our Nation’s Capital.”

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