Culture Blast Thursdays


Culture Blast Thursdays take place every third Thursday of the month at Hillyer Art Space in DuPont. This unique event was recently established to add more diversity for the gallery’s patrons to experience. Most recently Hillyer paired up with Kramerbooks & Afterwords and presented an Erotic poetry slam. The event was filled with laughs, blushing visitors and titillating work. Any brave soul who dared read their poem or prose was given the opportunity to do so. Works presented ranged from the personal to reciting James Joyce’s disturbingly flatulent erotic love letters. There was something for everyone, heartfelt to playful. The readers held nothing back.

When asked the majority of the visitors were new to this event, yet they showed excitement and an interest in returning to see more. The room exuded a lively energy, filled with supportive visitors.

Erotic poetry reading ranks as just one of many successful Culture Blast Thursdays. Hillyer has opened its doors to all kinds of varying collaborators, from Embassies to DC artists. When speaking with Allison Nance, director of the Hillyer, she had this to say bout the event: “[Culture Blast] gives the gallery a chance to introduce their visitors to the local art scene and the diversity that it has to offer.”

Check out Culture Blast Thursdays, the 3rd Thursday of every month!

By Camilla Rondon

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