Doris-Mae Art Gallery


doris1Doris-Mae Art Gallery

1716 14th St NW, 2nd Floor of “the building with a cage on it. You’ll know it when you see it.”

Tel: 202.299.0027

Hours: Mon-Sat 9-6 or by Appointment

Doris-Mae Art Gallery itself is comprised of two rooms in a building with a rich history of arts-related activity in the vibrant 14th Street northwest neighborhood.  For years, the building housed a close-knit group of actors and artists who operated a theater on the ground floor. The spirit of these innovators still exists in the space.

The first of the two rooms, the project space, is open to artists who wish to create a site-specific installation that is influenced by the space and the content of their own work. It offers prospects for transformation as each artist creates something temporal and unique to the space. The solo space will be used for exhibitions for painters, photographers, videographers and sculptors whose work challenges the prevailing notions of contemporary art. Artists chosen for exhibition in the two spaces may or may not share commonalities in their work but, nonetheless, will create an interesting and provocative dialogue between them.”


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