Review: Pancake & Booze Art Show

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Look for the circus to return to Penn Social on August 20th

Pancake & Booze Art Show – April 9, 2015

With a line wrapped all the way around the block, Penn Social was buzzing with activity rarely seen on a Thursday. The draw was clear, a bar packed to the gills with patrons enjoying drinks, pancakes, and art. The downstairs of Penn Social was crackling with energy. People were jammed in all corners and the line to get inside was seemingly endless. Artists stood by their work as onlookers enjoyed drinks and unlimited pancakes. Women were being painted as
onlookers pushed their way through the crowd to get a peek at the expanse of canvases lining the walls.

  SONY DSCThis winning combination of sensory pleasures was put together for a one night show by Tom Kirlin. This extravaganza is not a one time event, the Booze & Pancake Art Show has been in DC before and will return this summer. Kirlin travels to more than 25 cities hosting Booze & Pancake shows and has plans to expand to Europe. He began them in LA when his job in production gave him access to a free warehouse and he decided to give local artists an opportunity to show their work.  The format was partially inspired by late nights at IHOP, the pancake chain that is famously open 24 hours.

This winning combination of nostalgia, local talent and an exciting party atmosphere served as the perfect place for numerous artists to see and be seen. Look for the circus to return to Penn Social on August 20th. It’s a bash you won’t want to miss.

By Jessica Metzger

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